MIUI Third Party Theme Store

Latest Method to apply third party theme in your MIUI phone (Can used for non rooted and rooted phone) (May 2019 Update)

Step 1: Go to Play Store and install My Themer (Theme Swap) for MIUI app.
Step 2: Open it and click on the + plus button at the bottom.
Step 3: Select the file which you want to install (.mtz file). Click on Hamburger Menu on top left corner for File Manager.
Step 4: Tap on OK. And wait till the file is unpacking.
Step 5: Click on the Theme Name and Select Pack Theme and Apply.
Step 6: Then it will show a prompt Theme Packed. Apply Now. Click Yes to apply theme.
Step 7: And Boom! Your Third Party Theme has been Installed.

How to use this site

* Use this site to download from zhuti
copy and paste zhuti url like to the search bar in this site, or replace with like this " " , or paste theme ID to the search bar in this site.

* Search keyword for anime or another title
Step 1: Translate your keyword on google translate to chinese simplified
Step 2: Copy your translated keyword
Step 3: Paste your translated keyword in search bar in this site and enter

* Make sure you turned off your adblocks and turned on your javascript, then wait for few seconds and link button will appear.

Have any problem?

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Having problems like "Auth | 402 rejected" "Third Party theme is not authorized"?

* (The first method / without root) Use the application "MIUI Theme Editor", you can download it for free on google playstore. watch this video.(see video how to use it)

* (The second method / Root + Xposed) if you know xposed app, install xposed and enable this module.(For MIUI8 and above version or For MIUI7 or below version)

* (The third method / UBL + TWRP) Use custom rom that has support third party theme like miuipro,, globerom,, etc.